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Roofer Birmingham West Midlands
Roofer Birmingham West Midlands

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Flat roofer and felt Roofer in Birmingham and West Midlands

Flat/Felt Roofing

Flat roofs are an excellent way to cover your building. They offer:


Installing a flat roof is often cheaper and quicker than fitting a tiled roof, because of the materials used. Maintaining a flat roof is easier too, so you will be able to save money in the long term.


The flat structure of a felt roof means you can take advantage of the extra space on your roof. This will come in especially handy if you own a commercial building as you will be able situate air conditioning units and other hardware on your roof.


Flat roofs are a lot easier to maintain as they are so accessible. If you need to repair your roof, clean your gutters or move materials onto roof, it will be a be lot quicker than navigating a tiled roof.

At Empire Roofing and Building Services we are specialists in installing, repairing and maintaining flat roofs. We can fix all types including traditional felt, shingle and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) roofing. You can also specify colours, thickness and materials, so you can get the perfect roof for your property. So, please get in touch if you are looking for a professional roofer in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

slate and tile Roofer in Birmingham and West Midlands

Slating and Tiling

The main alternative to a felt roof is a tiled or slate roof. These roofs offer:


Many customers favour a slate or tiled roof, as this style of roof tends to look a lot more elegant, especially if the property has a traditional appearance.


Broadly speaking, roofs have a lifespan of 20 years. A tiled roof usually lasts at least 50 years, whereas a slate roof can last for around 150 years. This longevity means you can really save on money.


Slate and tiled roofs are superior when it comes to fire resistance, giving your home total protection from the elements.

As experts in roofing, we can fix all kinds of slates and tiles. Our experience means we know which tiles and slates are best for your budget and will last the longest.


liquid membrane waterproofing Roofer in Birmingham and West Midlands

Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

A roofers and builders in Birmingham we can also provide services to protect your roof. Liquid membrane waterproofing offers a number of benefits including:

Ease of Application

This type of waterproofing is effortless, and the coating will cool within 24 hours, leaving your property well protected in no time at all.


The materials used in the waterproofing are very resistant to high temperatures and offer long lasting defense against extreme weather.


Easy installation and competitively priced materials mean that liquid membrane waterproofing is suitable for all kinds of budget.

Get in touch if you are looking to increase the protection of your home and see how we can be of service.

soffits and guttering repair Roofer in Birmingham and West Midlands

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

 We can install, repair and maintain all elements of your house such as the:


We can fix durable fascias that have a long lifetime, but will also help protect your home. We can attach all kinds of materials and colours which will go perfectly with your property.


Soffits ensure that your house is well ventilated and protects against damp and rot. We can install highly effective soffits which will match the tone and style of your home.


Guttering comes in half-round, square-lined and universal types, and we can properly attach all of these gutters to your home.


Additional Services Include...



If you are looking to build a new garden wall, boundary wall or extension, we have the best people to complete it for you. Our qualified bricklayers have years of experience erecting walls in a variety of homes, and have all the skills to complete it quickly and efficiently. We can help with; conversions, building alterations, entrances, arches, garages and patios.



If you wish to transform your patio or driveway, we can slab and block pave your front or rear garden. Renovating your pathways can increase the value of your home, and our well-qualified tradespeople are on hand ready to assist you.



We can also provide a number of fencing including panels, trellises and picket fences. Fencing is great at concealing your garden and will give you extra privacy to enjoy your home. Get in touch if you need fencing erected rapidly and at a very competitive price.


Gardening and Landscaping

We also employ a number of experienced and qualified gardeners. If you wish to renovate your garden, our landscapers can design new outdoor spaces, install new products and make your garden look beautiful again. Alternatively, if you wish to leave the upkeep of your garden to us, we can take care of all mowing, trimming and clipping.




Velux Installation

Velux windows are often an excellent choice to install into your roof as they fit into the slope of the roof, so really maximize the natural light that hits your property. They can also be adapted to fit into most kinds of roofs, so you do not have to make any structural changes. If you would like to find out more about installing Velux windows or you are looking for a roofer in Birmingham and the West Midlands, please contact us.



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